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Welcome to our office! Located in Columbus, GA; we serve our community and surrounding communities. Dr. Georgina Asante and staff offer professional podiatric services.

Podiatry is a field of medicine that strives to improve the overall health and well-being of patients by focusing on preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the foot and ankle.

“We utilize a total approach to the care of the entire patient, in conjunction with their primary care physician, stressing prevention with nutritional stability as the basis to patient care and wound healing.”


Services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Regular check ups of the foot and lower leg
  • Care of the diabetic lower extremities
  • Coordination with other care providers
  • Surgical intervention, as needed


KeryFlex™ - Nail restoration system that provides cosmetic solution for toenail fungus.

ClearSense™ - A treatment for the temporary increase in clear nail in patients with onychomycosis.

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